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Steve Collis is an Australian teacher (English/French) who is an innovator in the implementation of technology in the classroom. He is a 'Teacher of Excellence' and a 'Microsoft Innovative Teacher'. Provides many links to articles and sites on all facets of teaching and learning.
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Jim Burke is an American English teacher and author. He has written many books about teaching English, curriculum design and pedagogy. His blog site provides insights into teaching and learning as well as links to a host of valuable resources.
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Kelli McGraw is an English teacher and the ETA representative on the AATE. Her blog site engages with key issues in education and provides a wealth of teaching resources for English teachers. It also links to articles relevant to all English teachers.
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Darcy Moore is an outstanding English teacher. His blog site provides insights into key issues in English teaching. It also provides a plethora of links to sites about a vast array of topics relevant to teaching and learning in the 21st Century.
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Mr B-G is an American English teacher. His blog site includes discussions of educational issues, teaching resources and student work samples.