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English Teachers Association
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Australian Association for the Teaching of English
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English Companion Ning
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Teaching resources, study guides and ideas for English teachers
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Kelli McGraw's teaching resources. Includes HSC resources, ideas for using Web 2.0 tools and lesson plans.
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Video, documents, audio, photos and teaching resources for teachers.
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Study guides, resources, list-o-mania etc for English and other subjects.
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This site allows you to search terms from Shakespeare's plays. It gives you a bank of quotes containing the term. A great way of exploring a theme or image.
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Slideshare allows you to view, download and upload PowerPoint presesntations. Requires registration, but worth the effort.

This site provides access to documents and books. Not sure of the copyright issues here.
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English Online is an inititative of the New Zealand Ministry of Education to support English teachers. It provides an extensive bank of lesson plans and teaching programmes. An excellent site.
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Part of the Metro Magazine site, provides access to study guides for an extensive range of films and documentaries.
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English site with a wealth of resources to support English teachers.