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An application for creating beautiful multimedia presentations
Great for representing the plot and/or themes of a text
Could be used to construct a visual representation of a concept
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This site allows students to compose a digital storybook. Artwork is provided. Students just need to write the text
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This tool allows students to create a multimedia collage. The education subscription is free and limits access to the glogsters and protects students from exposure to inappropriate content.
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This is an online bookmarking application that allows you to save favourite websites and access them from any computer. You can also share bookmarks, giving you access to favourite sites of your virtual 'friends'.
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This is a fantastic site that allows you to use the Google Earth technology to explore the settings in texts you might be reading. You can also create your own LitTrip!

Another story creator. However, this one allows you to use a range of artistic options. Classroom edition has security and editing functions.